Friday, April 8, 2011

Math Movement Game for My Preschooler

 ED (age 3) needs more work identifying her numbers 4-9 and counting consistently with one-to-one correspondence.  This is an action game I put together for her to work on some of her preschool skills.

There are two dice:
1) with the numbers 4 through 9
2) with the shapes -- star, square,
oval, rectangle, circle and triangle

There's a game board with 24 spaces and these symbols on them.

There are wooden numbers 4-9 and a set of numbers on the game board to match the numbers.

Each player needs to perform an action in order to move along the gameboard. Let me explain:

When a player takes a turn she rolls both dice.  Let's say she rolls a star. She moves her piece to the next available star on the gameboard.  Then she looks at the number on the other die.  Let's say it's an eight.  She finds the wooden eight and places it on the 8 on the gameboard (see picture below).  Finally, she does the action (a star=run) 8 times. So she runs around the room 8 times.

Finally it's the next player's turn.  The first person to get to the end of the road and roll the correct symbol (ours was a triangle or a star -- see the gameboard above), wins.

DD does 6 somersaults (above) while ED does the tabletop for 8 seconds.
I've been trying to add in a lot more games with our math curriculum. I'll be blogging about that more this next week.


  1. This is a genial idea! Thanks for sharing it :)

  2. Oh, and a question - where did you find these numbers?

  3. I bought the wooden numbers at a store called "Mad Harry's" in Australia. The package was fairly large (50 pieces?) and was only a couple of dollars. It is somewhat like the Dollar Store but it has a lot of craft materials. Maybe someone else has seen something like that here in the US?

  4. I will have to copy you! My son would love this :)

  5. I don't remember I saw them anywhere; anyway, I'm in Canada, and we do not have major craft-supply stores here (Michaels, for example)