Thursday, April 7, 2011

Making a Fairy

Today we used wool to make fairies.  We were going to use a fairy kit, but somehow wound up with skeins of fairy wool instead, so we had to make due with a bead and some ingenuity! But the girls love the end product and that's all that matters.

Here we tied the arms in a knot.  We also tied a bit of wool around the end of the arms to make 'hands.' You can see the hands best in the last picture.

DD wanted her hair braided, so we braided in extra wool to the bits at the top.

This was DDs finished fairy and below is the one ED made (with my help, of course).


  1. These are cute, well done on making them from scratch too!

  2. I love working with wool roving. My kids eyeball my stash and I may allow them to do something like this.