Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Human Body (Preschool Unit) -- bones/the skeleton

ED has been doing a new unit on the human body.  I'm using Everybody has a Body. It has such a wonderful array of hands-on activities for preschoolers.  DD has been enjoying them as well.

ED has been putting this skeleton puzzle together for several days now.  The book that comes with it has really intrigued her too -- so we've actually talked about digestion, the heart and things like that as well.
The x-ray hands activity below came from Everybody has a Body.  She made x-rays of her hand.  First she made handprints, then we cut them out -- and we looked at some real x-rays we have.
ED has really been wrestling with this concept that she has bones inside her hand... she keeps asking why she can't take off her skin to see the bones... how neat to watch them think about new concepts (and how is it that I hadn't talked about bones/skeletons with her much before this? The poor third child!!!).
Somewhere there's an x-ray of my hand. I broke my pinkie finger playing field hockey a few years back, but I couldn't find that. :(
X-ray hands

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  1. Cool! From where this skeleton puzzle is - "Everybody has a Body" or some other book?