Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Eagle Mom with her New Hatchlings (Live Feed)

I heard an interview on NPR this past week about a live camera feed in Iowa on an eagle's nest. As the gentleman was speaking he panned in and out on the eaglets.  As of few days ago two of the eggs had hatched (one April 2nd and one April 3rd) and one more had yet to hatch:

**Update -- the third egg hatched last night. You can see a quick one-minute video about that at NPR:


  1. We've been watching those eagles and another family with eaglets that are a little older for about a week now. So fun! It's funny, I mentioned the same eagles tonight in my blog! I also linked to the other nest cam as well in case you wanted to follow them too.

  2. My mother has been calling me and telling me about little eaglets for weeks. LOL We watched a family of owls once and it was so sweet.