Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Colors in Milk -- Science Experiment

Here are the other two experiments LD and the girls did.  It sure was nice just stepping back to watch the kids do this themselves this time round.

Color Changing Milk

1) Pour milk onto a plate
2) Add three drops of food coloring (red, blue, yellow)
3) Place a Q-tip in dishsoap. Then carefully place the Q-tip in the center of the plate without moving it around.  The colors start to move and swirl as the soap displace some of the milk fats.

This last experiment is pretty simple.You simply place three skittles (or M&Ms) in a bit of water.  The kids then try to predict what will happen as the colors dissolve off the candy. The kids predicted the colors would mix, but as you can see they didn't. We talked about the fact that there was equal pressure from all sides as if we had our palms out and were both leaning a little bit toward each other.


  1. Love them!! Thanks for sharing these, We will have to do them!!