Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another book series LD is enjoying

We found another book series that has LD really engaged.  The books are called Andrew Lost and they follow the adventures of a young boy who builds a shrinking machine.  He, his cousin and their robot get lost on the neighbor's dog -- in the midst of blood-sucking monsters (fleas).  They continue on to other adventures 2) in the bathroom 3) in the kitchen 4) in the garden etc.  This series has LD really engaged again -- so while the reviews on Amazon aren't spectacular, I think he'd rate them highly. Besides, he has had some pretty interesting tidbits to share with me!


  1. Those look really cute. :)

    I found your blog while doing a search on the topic my son is studying. We will so be doing your fox craft for his Artic Fox poster. :) Thanks. I will highlight it on my blog.

  2. Hi there! How old is your son and how much time do you think he spends reading each day? I have a 6 year old son and although he enjoys his story times with me, he is not a big fan of reading and would rather be digging, building something, etc... Do you have any advice as to how to encourage more excitement about reading? I never had this issue with my girls, sigh... Thank you for sharing your posts with us!

  3. Hi! Thanks for the comments. We've been on holiday so I'm behind comments, but I sure do love when people write!!

    Faith, you were asking how old my son is. He's now 7 1/2. He's been doing independent reading for about two years now (and DD age 5 1/2 just started doing independent reading in the past couple months.)

    When I first started LD on "independent reading," he chose any book he wanted (even the very easiest ones with a word or two per page--that were *way* below his real reading level). We have a lot (a couple hundred) Hello Readers and the like that I got off ebay. At first, he had to read a book or two (about 10-15 minutes). Slowly I increased either the number of books he had to read or the difficulty level (as a suggestion, but in the end he *always* decided/s what he wants to read). I always have a lot of books on display. If I have a chance I take a picture of our book shelf to show you what I mean. I find that really helps.

    DD is now reading two Henry and Mudge books for her independent reading if you're familiar with that series (She reads for 15-20 minutes... and often at other times through the day she'll plop down in our book nook and read).

    Now LD is reading a book or two a day (his books are generally 85-100 pages including illustrations). I'd say on average he reads for 45 minutes, though at times he reads more. It's hard to gauge because even as I'm writing this he has picked up a book and is reading while eating lunch.
    Hope that helps,

  4. Hi - love your blog. Just wanted to say that my son, whose going to be 9 in two weeks, also loved these books. We also "discovered" them, but he was interested in robots and invention. He still is! Happy Reading and Learning together!