Monday, April 18, 2011

Ancient Mayan Indian Unit: Wood Animalitos - Oaxacan (Mexican) Folk Art

We continued to read The Corn Grows Ripe (about a Mayan boy and his family) this week and talked about life Mexico.

We read about these imaginative creatures called Alebrijes at this art lesson plan website. In Mexico these are carved from one piece. Since we had lots of woodscraps (I bought lots of wood craft kits of cars, bird houses etc. for 50cents back in December), this seemed like the perfect craft for us!

DD's creatures
ED's creature (left)

Hubby's relatives were missionaries in Brazil years ago.   In fact, his grandmother grew up in Brazil.  Some branches of the family returned to the US and some still live in Brazil.  Last week, Uncle J and Aunt M came back from a visit to Brazil.  They brought LD some Indian weapons and a loin craft.  Very timely! LD was very excited. Thank you Uncle J and Aunt M!