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MATH IDEAS PART I -- addition, hundreds board, skip counting (roughly K-2):

MATH IDEAS PART I -- addition, hundreds board, skip counting (roughly K-2):

With the beginning of the new school year, I worked a lot to become more organized.  Perhaps someone out there can benefit from my master math list.
GENERAL MATH SITES: (I used these a lot for Kindergarten Math)


from this website:

Addition Math War -- a card game. The person with the highest amount wins the round
Popsicle Stick Math Facts -- Place addition math facts on Popsicle sticks with the answers at the bottom. Stick them in sand and have child self check his/her math facts.
Math Fact Card Toss Relay -- Throw flashcard as far as possible, run, pick it up, solve it and race back so the next person can go. Race for 3 (or whatever) minutes solving as many facts as possible.
Mathlines Online Game -- Practice the sums equaling 4 (5, 6... up to 15). You blaster has a number, shoot the ball that gets you 4 (2+2, 1+3)
Math Monster Game: Write out the equations you want to practice (5+7 and the answer 12 on a different sheet). Give the child the answer and spread the equations around the back yard. You are the Monster trying to freeze them before they get the correct answer. If you tag them and they think they have the right answer, they check it with you. If they are correct they are free, if not they are frozen until another player sets them free. We play this with my 3 year old daughter who has to find a number (1 through 12) and tell the Math Monster what number she has. The Math Monster won if she froze all players.

Math Number Family Gameboards:

Addition Worksheets:

EGG CARTON ADDITION (not my idea, I think from Louise on this board?) Each person had to toss a pom pom into an egg carton (which had numbers on it). They had to add their two numbers together and the person with the highest number won the round.

addition strip board and I printed it out here:

MATH BALANCE:  Do addition equations on a math balance (If you place a weight on 5 and 4 on one side, what number do you need place the weight on on the other side to make it balance properly. (for purchase from RightStart Math)

such as cutting up the hundreds board and making it into a puzzle
missing number puzzle board activity;
I also got some ideas from this site:
Picture Prompts (the numbers to read out to make pictures on the 100s board)


Practice skip counting by 1s, 2s, 3s, etc. up to 200 with these mazes I laminated ours so my son could do them more than once

Skip Counting Wagons File Folder Game:

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