Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Preschool Board Games

ED turned four a couple of weeks ago. I always ask the kids what kind of cake they want.  ED wanted a Beyblade cake (the spinning top that you see down to the right of the cake).  Funny, huh?! I'm no major cake maker but the kids love helping to make their own birthday cake. So here was ED's cake tah-dah!

ED got a couple of new cooperative board games from Grandma and Grandpa. ED and DD really love them. They're really terrific so I thought I'd give them a mention here in case you have birthdays coming up for your 3-5 year old.

The first game is called Hoot Owl Hoot. The object is for the players to get all the owls home before the sun comes up. (The sun is at the top and moves across as players come across a sun card.)  This is a game like Candy Land which only requires that the kids recognize their colors. They have to fly the owls around the game board from color to color back to their nest before the sun comes up.
The other game we've been playing a lot is called Lost Puppies. Again, it's a cooperative game where all the players work together to get the puppies home.

Each player takes a turn flipping over a card. If the player flips over a night (star) card it has to be placed on the corresponding number on the gameboard.  Players use a flashlight card to remove the night/star card from the board.  To take the puppy home there has to be a clear path (with no night cards in the way).

These games are wonderful because they are not competitive--no winner or loser.  And with the age of my girls (4 and 6) they can play them happily together independently.  Still, I can easily recommend these games to the younger crowd as well (say 2 1/2 and up).

As long as I'm on the topic of gift recommendations I also must add Perler Beads to the list.  ED has done dozens of these and everybody (even LD) continues to make them from time to time.  These are wonderful for developing fine motor skills.  Kids will be into these at different ages.  ED was just over 3 when she started doing these independently, but LD didn't really enjoy doing them until he was 5.

By the way, we've been doing lots of school things here and I have about ten posts already to go (plus more to write up), but every day I keep thinking we'll be switching the blog over to Parents any moment and have been holding off. So once the transition is made bear that in mind as you see post after post of our school projects and games!  :)

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