Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Face Behind the Blog!

Hi! Nice to meet you!

As you may know, we will be joining the Parent's blog team pretty soon.  Our family decided we'd like to share a couple of photos of the family behind this blog.  Here's my photo for what it's worth! (Ugh... don't mind the fly-away hair!) When we transfer over we'll have a photo of me and the kids to share with you as well.

Do you know how we all blog about the things that have gone well, but leave out other things (like what we don't accomplish, the things that flop, the messes that don't get cleaned up, the laundry that piles up)?  Well, one thing I know practically nothing about Twitter and Facebook. But in anticipation of the move I created a Facebook and Twitter account. I've had to stay up late... really late... (trying) to figure these things out.  So for what it's worth I've created a Twitter button. Hope I don't do it "all wrong." There's a part of me that's nervous to start something I don't know much about. I guess I'll learn by doing, right?!

Oh--and on that same theme of things that don't go so well... yesterday when the kids and I were all playing a game together, a game that involved hopping, jumping and things like that , ED got upset (throwing herself on the ground, crying, but desperately not wanting to quit the game) not once, not twice but three times. Do you have those days? At that point it was time to send the kids to work quietly by themselves followed by some good quality outdoor time!


  1. Lovely to finally *meet* you.

    Oh for sure we absolutely have those days here too ;-)

  2. Nice to "meet" you! At least one someone is throwing themselves into a fit everyday around here...whether it is about lessons or happens. I totally understand the trying to figure out new stuff. Take me for instance, I am still trying to figure out how to put cool things on my blog (like my own button), and how to share documents for others to print. I always tell my Kiddos that "Mom has to learn new things everyday too!"
    Happy Day!