Monday, January 2, 2012

Spelling: oi and oy words; ow and ou words

We are doing lots of spelling review over the holidays just to keep things fresh. Today and tomorrow I'll share some of the spelling things we're doing to keep things fresh.

Every now and then we pull out our spelling word sorts. LD goes over the rules he has learned for spelling.  DD is just now becoming familiar with the rules. We use these to supplement the wonderful program we use, All About Spelling.  Here are some useful (free) resources I've come across for oi/oy and ou/ow words:

Thank you to these wonderful teachers--Yolanda, Jenn and Heather-- who have shared their hard work with all of us!

You might be interested in this related post with a game and sorting cards for Long A Sounds, a printable I made for my youngest daughter:

Long A sounds with the spelling:  a, ai, ay, a-e, ei, eigh, ey

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  1. Love those. I do have a question for you -- Do you know of any suffix games?? Your always wonderful at these type things so I figures Id ask!! xoxoxo