Friday, August 12, 2011

Preschool Routine, Tuesdays

ED's Tuesday Routine:

So you heard yesterday that I'm planning to use biome/habitat themes with ED this fall. This is what I have planned in a general way for Tuesdays:
     Arts and Crafts (based on the theme)
     Montessori Math Beads; Math Activities
     Science Sorts (Long post and link to my 30-pages of notes, etc.!)
Arts and Crafts 
The girls painted boxes to make a diorama.
Now all this needs is the sea creatures!
The kids have had a blast making various sea creatures.  They made fish, jelly fish and sharks for nearly two hours! I found an amazing set of ocean craft ideas over at Playing House in Maryland.

 Montessori Math Beads:
     I have Tuesdays set aside to bring out the Montessori math beads and work with ED on some basic number skills.

I think this might be called the "Bead Stair" in Montessori circles.  I simply cut out two triangles from felt (so the beads won't roll off) and set out the appropriate beads (we're using 1 to 6 this week).  The triangle helps create a control so that the child can visually see the progression.

This week I also set out a jellyfish number matching activity and our number puzzle.

Science Sorts:
      Living-Non Living Cards
I printed out this free card set from Homemade Montessori. They have gotten a lot of use these past few years.
 More about our science sorts this fall at this post.


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