Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Science Sorts -- Our Montessori Science Work, Fall 2011

Over the past few years, we have done a lot of Montessori science work.  This year I compiled a review notebook and will let DD and LD work on this as they are interested (ED will be introduced to these for the first time this year).  Mostly I expect the older ones to cut out pictures from magazines and write on these sheets (pages 5 and beyond in the pack).  At the very least, it's organized for my own benefit!  There are lots of free 3-Part cards 'out there' that go along with these. I'll share a few links below and will share more as we work through these this fall.

Montessori science sorts -- there are 30 pages or so
This just helps me organize the many activities we've done so I have it compiled in one place... things like
     living-not living
     vertebrate - invertebrate
     solid, liquid, gas
     and so forth...
Again, here is the Animal Discovery Notebook pages that goes with all this. I added to this -- adding in some ocean invertebrate research pages since ED will be studying oceans (so there's appropriate new work to give to DD and LD if they're interested).

And here are a few links to some cards I have used. Thank you to those who've shared their work with us!

Free Living and Non-Living 3-part Cards & Animal Kingdom Cards

Free Living/Non-Living Montessori Cards from ETC-Press

Nocturnal - Diurnal Animal Sort from Spell Out Loud

Nocturnal - Diurnal Power Point Presentation

Solid Liquid Gas Sort by Montessori Tidbits

Desert Toob Animal Matching by Montessori Tidbits

These were $2.00, but I absolutely love these Natural Disaster cards.