Saturday, July 2, 2011

Training -- Week 2

What inspired me to train again:

My kids are such an inspiration. They have boundless energy.  I have been amazed and proud at how much they have grown this year as individuals.  LD has such amazing strength -- I find it astonishing for a seven year old. (That's LD at the top of the rope. He went zipping up really fast! He has more arm strength than I have ever had.) Watching all of them grow in their sports -- gymnastics, soccer and dance -- I've recognized that I too want to feel a sense of accomplishment athletically.  It isn't feasible for me to play soccer at the moment. The commute would be too much. And we as a family have too much going on outside of the home already.  But I do have a treadmill and my kids are old enough that I can consistently finally find that half hour or hour to run. 

So here's what I did the past two weeks (Sun thru Sat) in miles:

Wk 1: Rest  3    4   Rest   3   2    6
Wk 2: Rest  3    5   Rest   3   2    7

I'm feeling good.

In the meantime we're active in other ways (and pretty much taking a total break from school as we know it, though I have some old posts still scheduled to roll out).

We've been spending lots of times in the woods. LD found a fish hook and weight at the State Park and decided to try his hand at fishing in our creek. Mind you, we've only ever seen a few teeny, tiny fish!! I've been trying to get logs cut up every few days to stock up for the winter. The kids usually come and explore while I'm working.  They also enjoy swinging on the tire swing Daddy put up for them.
 We spend lots of time in the water since it's so hot these days.

 And I spend lots and lots of time still working in the gardens.  I have hauled probably 40 large garbage of mulch and spread it over our various gardens.  We have a huge strawberry bed that was inundated with weeds. It's now mulched and week free. Hooray! Of course, the kids and I still work steadily on our veggie garden too.
 We've thoroughly enjoyed the nature program at our nearby park. Last week they learned about bees and made a little bee craft.  Below they could see why honey combs were in the shape of a hexagon since each cell fit so much more closely together.

Pretty soon the kids will be doing the Junior Ranger program too, which they are both looking forward to immensely.

Hope you're having a good summer (or winter for my friends overseas)!


  1. I love your blog. You're so creative. Thanks for sharing, we're definitely going to use many of the ideas here.

  2. "Why honey combs were in the shape of a hexagon"?! Interesting, I was asking myself the same question ;-) Great activity, will try it with my baby. Thank you for sharing.