Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Foreign Language GOLDMINE!!! German Flashcards, German Writing Worksheets

I found a goldmine!!!! I am SO excited about the language flashcards I came across.

If anyone is teaching their young ones a foreign language, you might want to check them out.  The drawings are cute cartoon style. They offer flashcards/word sheets in German, French, Spanish, Italian and Japanese (a few of these sheets are even in Portuguese and Russian).   This link takes you to the animal page, for example.  You'll see the various flags -- just click on the flag/language you're interested and it brings up a free printable page. You have to go through the lists to see whether they are available, but I found SO much that will be useful for us:
action verbs
emotions (sad, happy)
and on and on!!!

Here are a few of the links to get you started if you are interested.

Flashcards -- Lots of pages of words in the foreign language of your choice.

Make foreign language writing worksheets: select "custom animals worksheets"

cartoon words with blanks --  More or less the same as the link above, but another way to get there. This is where I was able to print out the page like in the photo on the right hand side.

And for those of you just learning German -- here's another AMAZING resource... Little German readers over at carlscorner -- by Cherry Carl. They have cute graphics and simple sentences -- perfect for young, beginning German learners!! I plan to use these extensively this year.

carlscorner in general is a great place to browse if you have a child just learning to read (English).  She has wonderful resources.

Another resource I have used with the kids is this old German reader: "My Very First German Book."
This link should work, but if not you can try here instead. It's a bit quaint, but it really worked well with the kids and we'll pick it back up again this fall.

German Songs

German Conversations

More German Flashcards

Color the Flag (German colors)

Don't forget to check out You Tube for little learning videos such as

German: Farm Animals by Germanpod101

German: Vegetables

German Numbers Song


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this! I'm a new follower about to embark on a homeschooling adventure :) We will be doing spanish and this is perfect! Cheers Sue http://notenoughbutter.blogspot.com/

  2. Oh, thank you SO much for sharing. These links are exactly what I need for the coming year. My grandmother is from Austria and I speak some German, but I was feeling really intimidated about trying to teach my kids. *SO* excited about all your German resource links, thanks again.

  3. Oh my! What wonderful resources! Thank you for sharing