Wednesday, March 2, 2011

World Music : Europe

For the first time in months, we had our music classes. We took a long break because of the holidays, sickness and house problems. It was so wonderful to catch up with our friends again.  We are continuing on with our studies of Europe and the music of Europe.  First, we reviewed the seven continents (to the tune of Frere Jacques). 
Europe, Asia, A-fri-caa,
North America
South America
Then there is Antarctica
Don't forget Australia
Seven continents, Seven Continents
A great pin map of the seven continents is located here.

We located five countries of Europe with the pin map and with the wooden puzzle. The kids located Germany, Austria, Britain, France and Italy.

We danced the Heel and Toe Polka -- a circle dance from the Alps. The last class, we had examined a German bierstein  and listened to German drinking songs, pretending to tap cups, etc.

We sang Frere Jacques in French and also sang a German children's song that helps teach the numbers from 1 to 10 in German:
Eins, zwei Polizei
drei, vier, Offizier
funf, sechs, alte Hex
sieben, Acht gute Nacht
neun, zehn, auf Wiedersehen.

We listened to examples of Alpine instruments (including the cow bell!) and sang along with a yodeling song.

We played a French children's game that was like follow the leader.

Then we started to learn a bit about Mozart.  We learned that Mozart went on tour throughout Europe as a young child and traveled to Germany, Austria, Britain, Italy and France (those countries we identified in the beginning of class).

We listened to some excerpts of Mozart's pieces. If you need some large pictures of famous composers, you can find some beautiful printouts here. (The size of a 8X11 paper)
You can find small composer cards here.
My printouts aren't the best because I ran out of printer ink, but that gives you an idea.

Finally, we made some soft pretzels (which are said to have originated perhaps in Germany).  Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler has a wonderful recipe which we used.  Thank you, Erica!!


  1. Thanks for sharing. I'm teaching world music in my daughter's Montessori classroom at the moment and these are some great ideas!

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