Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So Many Toads!

The other evening I came home during a thunderstorm.  The toads were covering the road leading to our house. Not one or two, but so many that I couldn't drive the car around them.

I went back a little later and there weren't nearly as many, but still saw at least 50 toads! And saw that even though I was driving about 5mph and swerving wildly from side to side, I squashed more than a half dozen. :(  It's obviously the beginning of mating season as you'll see from the photos.  Fowler toads burrow into the mud/dirt and emerge when the weather warms up .  I know that well since I dug up quite a number last fall when I was creating our blueberry garden!

I invited LD to come out in his pjs to have a quick look.  Boy was it hard to convince him how late it was and that he did indeed need to go to bed!

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  1. Yepper its that time, we went to my mom and dads yesterday and the kids just had to make them go to the pond, so we get down there and the kids start going nuts because of all the eggs, we had never seen them like that, so many and wow the toads were mating just like the ones in the pics, it was nuts!!