Thursday, March 31, 2011

Geography: Europe board game

We've done a lot with geography of Europe this semester. That's in part because three of our unit studies have focused on Europe -- our world music class, the Middle Ages unit and our fairy tale unit.  I ordered this game back in February, but with the flu and pneumonia descending upon us we never got to it.  We've had a blast with it the past week or so.

Here's the set up. Each player has wooden slots and gets 10 cards which they set in one by one.

There are three discard piles and one pick up pile.

On a player's turn they can pick up a card from any of those four piles.

The official rules say you can't move the cards around. That would be too long and hard for my kids (5 and 7), so the kids move the cards around freely.

The object is to travel through Europe going from country to country in 10 days (10 slots).  You can connect by plane if the countries are the same color. You can also take a ship if that country touches the appropriate water body (the Mediterranean, Baltic or Atlantic Ocean). You have to begin and end in a country (not on a ship or in a plane).

LD won the game and is showing how he made the connections by car, ship and plane.
LD started in Italy took a ship to Portugal, traveled by car to Spain,  took a plane to Austria, took another plane to Belgium and took a ship through the Baltic Sea to Latvia.


  1. Sounds like a great game. Do they do all of the continents?

  2. Hi Kylie,
    I know there's one for Africa but don't know about the other continents.

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  4. You mentioned Latvia!! Like! :)