Monday, March 15, 2010

Vertebrates: Birds (3-part cards and bird videos)

Here are the bird cards I made (link to download is on the sidebar). There are smaller photos as well, but I wound up not using them (oh well), but they do tell you where these birds are located.

Anyway, I chose these particular birds because I selected some short (3 to 8 minute long) videos from you-tube that I chose to show the kids.

Today after sorting the five vertebrate groups (substituting these new bird cards for the others) we watched the following bird videos. I started with the galah and lyrebird (of Australia) today because they are familiar to the kids. We see galahs daily and we've read a wonderful series that includes a lyrebird as one of the characters:

Galah (this is just a 30 second clip of galahs walking around and perched in trees, but remember we see them daily!)

Humming Bird
(set to Mozart): This video shows a hummingbird sitting on eggs, the eggs hatching and the hummingbird caring for its young. It was a little over 8 minutes long, but even ED watched it through to the end.

Lyrebird is a wonderful immitator. In this David Attenborough video you hear the lybird not only immitating other birds such as the kookaburra, but also a camera clicking, a chainsaw and a car alarm!

Finally, we watched a parrot talking just because if was funny to hear a bird singing and seeming to talk to its owner.

Here's what I picked out for another day this week (probably not tomorrow because we have a lot going on, but for Wednesday or Thurdsay):

Rainforest Birds:


Eagle vs. the Chevrotain (African Rainforest): This is an exciting video from National Geographic showing an eagle hunting a small rainforest mammal called a chevrotain.

Costa Rica Birds: This in another National Geographic video which talks about how coffee plantations are taking over rainforest areas of Costa Rica and the dangers this poses for birds species.

Flamingo and the massive volcanoes of the Andes Mountains: This is a BBC video that shows beautiful clips of the volcanoes of the Andes Mountains, its harsh environment and the beautiful flamingos that breed there.
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