Friday, March 12, 2010

Theme Time: Human Body

I set out some activities related to the human
body on Thursday, but we didn't get to them
until Friday.

On Thursday, we went to a wonderful show about
dinosaurs. It's a show based at the museum in
Sydney but they brought it here for a couple of days.
Essentially it was a puppet show with dinosaurs.
LD and DD both got to go on stage -- and LD was
also in the ultimate act--being "eaten" by an allosaur
(his head was fully in the puppet's mouth! The puppet
was 10 or 12 feet tall!)

Anyway here are some of the activities the kids did
related to the human body.

1) They put some body puzzles together.
2) They listened and had to match the wooden shakers.
3-4) And, they had to identify matching smells. I had
vinegar, peppermint, oyster sauce and vanilla on cotton
balls. They were blindfolded and tried to find the matches.

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  1. wow getting eaten by a dino....I bet he loved that!!