Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reptiles 3-part card; Pin-map activity

We've been reading lots of books on snakes,
chameleons, lizards and various reptiles. We
recently visited the Reptile Centre and yesterday
visited the Desert Park which has a great selection
of reptiles too. Did you know that you can easily
tell a legless lizard from a snake? Lizards have
ear slits and snakes don't. Though, with the snakes
we have here, I'm not sure I ever want to go close
to inspect for ear slits unless there's a nice thick
pane of glass between me and the snake!!

This is an activity I made up to go along with the
talks we've been having about reptiles. It has a
selection of reptiles from around the world in various
biomes (rainforest, desert and tropical savanna).

I made both bigger 3-part type reptile cards
and smaller pin pieces of those same reptiles.

The first day, we just looked at the cards and
put them under the country flags and appropriate
biome cards (see the top picture).

Since I put the country name on the cards, I
made up little country flags for those countries
I mentioned. I helped him place the flags on the
world map before he put in the small reptile pin pieces.

He worked with seven reptile pin pieces and said
that it was challenging, so this is an activity
better suited for young elementary kids. (LD can
read very well.) If you have young kids you could
use the small pictures simply to match to the larger
reptile pictures instead.

The links to the free reptile cards (both the 3-part cards
and the pin map pieces) are on the right sidebar.

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  1. These are fabulous and thanks for sharing.

  2. Glad someone else can use them. If you need more animal classification cards, there are some (free) at -- Mine are about the size of the other four vertebrate groups (fish, amphibians, mammals, birds). The reptiles listed at Montessori materials were made by someone else and are quite a bit smaller (so they don't work well if your kids are sorting them into the 5 vertebrate groups).

  3. I LOVE it:-)
    You have so cool activities!

  4. Thank you. You have such a beautiful website yourself!