Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just in the last couple of weeks, DD has decided
she wants to read her books. She is really taken
with Animal Antics (She's not as interested in
Bob Books at the moment). These books are good
because they build, word by word..

I'm making this up, but it builds like this:

The rat
The rat sat
The rat sat on the mat
The rat sat on the flat mat

... you get the idea. The pictures are cute (in color).
She's been wanting to read one new book each day!
For the previous few months she didn't want any
help from Mom and wanted to read things by herself.
Thus, the little word games worked better for her. Now
she begs for me to come help her. In fact yesterday, I
was trying to get the vegies cut up and into the crock
pot, so she got LD to help her. They looked so cute
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  1. Those books sound great! That is great that she is wanting to read so much. Reading has become a big thing here too! It is so wonderful to watch them take that leap!

  2. Hi Debbie,

    They definitely develop on their own schedule, don't they? We really like Animal Antics, but my son was only interested in the first two after that we went on to another set of readers that were just wonderful (forget the name, but he read all 60 readers and they were just perfect after the Bob Book/Animal Antic stage.

    Have a great weekend,