Monday, March 22, 2010

Metamorphic Rock Activity

We talked about what a geologist does and brought
out this "land recreation." LD and DD took turns
taking "core samples" from the earth with the straw.
They could tell that it was made of different layers.

Metamorphic rocks are made when pressure and
heat change the rocks. The oven was our 'heat and
pressure source' for creating these "metamorphic

Then we took rock samples (below) and looked
not only for sediment layers but for mineral deposits.
Yup, there were red, blue and yellow "minerals" (ie.
sprinkles and stuff) in our "rock."

Then we ate it!

Don't miss our free 3 Types of Rocks worksheets that I made (when we studied rocks a few years after I wrote this post). There are also a lot of hands-on activity ideas in that post.
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  1. Can you send me a recipe and instructions for what you did? My daughter has to write a recipe card for creating a metamorphic rock with all ingredients and instructions.