Saturday, March 13, 2010

Math Resource List (K-2)

I wrote up a list of math resources I've come across some time back. This is an old posting, but worth a look for math resources (websites, games, activities) you might not have come across. My kids are young, so these websites are generally for K-2.

Math Resources List Part I -- Addition, hundreds board, skip counting

Math Resources List Part II -- Time, Place Value, Money Activities, Multiplication

Leave a comment if you know of more great math resources out there. Also if you could share some active (get-up-and-move) math games that have worked with your kids, I'd be grateful! I have a bunch of games set to go, but would love to add a couple fresh games in.


  1. Thanks for sharing these links.

  2. We do a lot of made-up games with our foam number puzzle (one to ten) on the floor. We've used it for things like teaching greater than and less than, number order, adding etc. It's great for a quick get up and jump around exercise.