Monday, March 22, 2010

Learning How Sedimentary, Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks were Formed

These are cards from the The packet was
more than 60 pages long and I thought it was a good quality
product (it was $4 US dollars). We used them a lot in our
talks today.

Don't miss our free 3 Types of Rocks worksheets that I made (when we studied rocks a few years after I wrote this post). There are also a lot of hands-on activity ideas in that post.
I shared some of our hands-on activities in these related posts:

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  1. Other good resources for rock stuff are and . mmi has a free teacher kit you can request that includes a bunch of cool posters (and they have stuff you can download yoo).

  2. Oh thank you! I'll go check that out. LD seems really keen to learn more about rocks. Luckily the kit has lots of experiment ideas as I'm totally overwhelmed with the process of moving behind the scenes here. I put together a for sale list six pages long (half of which has already sold!! Whew!). That tells you how much useless stuff we've accumulated, though!! Ahh... sorry, I meant just simply to saying I appreciate the websites not dribble on about my stress!!