Saturday, March 13, 2010

Invertebrates/Vertebrates; The Five Vertebrate Groups

The kids separated things into invertebrate and
vertebrate cards.

Then we talked about the five vertebrate groups.
I made the labels you see below. I printed the
fish, mammals, amphibians and reptiles from
Montessori Materials. I used the reptile cards I made up because the
reptile cards available at montessori materials
are much smaller (They were made by someone

By the way, we're going to be sorting the vertebrate
groups again next week.  LD has expressed an interest
in birds (he made his own bird feeder and we went
on a bird watching trek last week). Anyway, I have
some you-tube videos to show LD this next week
and made bird cards that go with those videos.  The
cards are at the right and I'll share those video links
when I'm at the other computer at some point. 

UPDATE: In the years since I wrote this post, I created our own set of Vertebrate-Invertebrate cards. They are available at my new location, and are FREE to download!!: Montessori Cards Vertebrate-Invertebrate Groups and the 5 Vertebrate Groups.
I also made some World Animal Cards and showed how I used those at this post: Animals Around the World: Montessori 3-Part Cards
 World Animal Cards

ANIMAL UNIT: Vertebrates - Invertebrates  We also have a new packet that we did when we studied vertebrates and invertebrates in more depth. You can find out more about our Animal Packet here (at our new location,
It includes activities about the five vertebrate groups:
And also has various activities about invertebrate groups, spiders vs. insects, etc.

You might want to check out our one-minute video:

Homeschool Den Minute: Video Episode 1
Homeschool Science in Early Elementary

The links to these resources are here: Homeschool Science in Early Elementary (K-2) 


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