Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Chameleon Craft (Animal Habitat Unit)

LD: orange chameleon, DD: pink chameleon, Mom: green
chameleon, ED: multicolored chameleon.

While on the hunt for Eric Carle craft ideas, I went to visit
two of my favorite art websites: Deep Space Sparkle and
Art Projects for Kids. Art Projects for kids showed a very
cute picture of a chameleon.

We read this book by Eric Carle: The Mixed-Up Chameleon. (affiliate link)

I had the kids watch the slide show at Eric Carle's Website
about how he paints the tissue paper for making his
children's books.

We followed his instructions making decorative paper. Then I had them trace a chameleon template that I made out of cardboard for them. LD cut
his out (I cut out the chameleons for the girls). Ta-Da! Very
cute chameleons. They gave them to Daddy when we picked
him up at the airport yesterday.

This fit in perfectly with our little unit on reptiles. We've
moved on from the Rainforest and are on to the desert...
but since we live in a desert, we're focussing on reptiles
around the world instead.

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