Monday, March 15, 2010

Active Math Games: 3 -- Math Splat!

I drew circles and placed numbers up on the
outside wall. The kids had to dip a sponge in
water and splat a number.

LD worked on the 13 number family. If he
got a 7 for example, he had to figure out which
number makes 13 (answer=6). This is the
first time he's done the 13 family, so there's
a sheet for him to look at for help.

Once again DD worked on "comes after." So
if her sponge hit 3 she had to tell me the next
number (4).

The kids had a BLAST with this and we did
math problems with this for at least a half-hour
straight. If LD got me with the sponge he had
to answer THREE problems!!

P.S. This doubled as time for me to pull some weeds!
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