Monday, February 1, 2010

World Biomes -- Homemade Pin Map

I was pretty excited with how this turned out! I made
this over the Christmas holidays and have been itching
to show the kids. What do you think?!!  This is the
full version, but I'll be using it piece-meal as we
cover a new biome.

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  1. Wow, that's really nice !
    Would you agree to share your cards ? I am French and I am looking for geographics activities.
    (mail :

    Of course, ask me whether you are looking for somethin ; maybe I can help you too ?


  2. Djamie,

    Unfortunately, I didn't make the cards myself. I bought the picture cards online from (you can see what they look like at this link on my website: and I printed out the world biome map and the key from

    I copied the key to my computer and using print shop (but you can use photo shop, gimp or something similar), I enlarged the key and made several copies.

    Someone else asked me a couple more questions about how I made the pin parts. Here's what I told her:

    The long pins were just straight pins I had in my sewing stuff. They are just over an inch and a half long. I'm sure I got them at a sewing store at some point.

    I placed the biome key word (like desert or tundra) next to a picture of it and laminated them together. Once they were laminated, I cut them out leaving extra plastic around the edges.

    I stuck the pin through, up through the back, then down through the bottom and covered the pin on both sides with clear packing tape. This makes it nearly impossible for my little one to pull out the pin.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Unfortunately, Scribd is now charging for their service. $9/month to download. :(

  4. FWIW, the link to the card set no longer works, but the exact cards (by is now on currclick - currently for $3.00 (since I was looking for them! LOL! here's a link