Saturday, February 13, 2010

Treble and Base Cleff Note Activities

You can find some very cute treble and base cleff fishy
notes at

If your child is learning the notes on piano there is a
very cute icecream activity at

Here she has plain keyboard cards with a dot. (Like the
icecream part below.)

You can use them as three part cards, placing the key
board and letter onto the full card, you could play memory,
matching and so forth.

Here is a colorful keyboard you can use for helping your piano player to identify certain notes.

Your kids can build their own keyboard with the printout there.

Again, I would only use any of the activities above for about five
minutes in any one class (and would probably only do one little
activity because my kids are still very young). I'm just sharing them
all at once so you have an idea of the resources I have on hand.

Visit for more wonderful music related teaching aids.

UPDATE, Fall 2015:
My youngest is now 7 and this semester the kids will be learning/reviewing notes, rhythm, music notation and more.  Using a lot of free resources, I have put our Music Curriculum plans together into a 8-week plan (it might take us longer) that is a free download over at my new location,
The packet is 15 pages or so AND it has hyperlinks to many *amazing* free music resources (including the ones I show below and dozens more!).  Again, you will find that new post over at my new location,  Free Beginner's Music Curriculum: Learning Notes, Rhythm, Music Notation and more   See you there! ~Liesl

 You'll find links to lots of the different games and activities we'll be using:
Free Beginner's Music Curriculum: Learning Notes, Rhythm, Music Notation and more 

Follow our Musical Journey in Pictures this Semester (Fall 2015):
P.S. You might be interested in these related posts. These are also free!

See you soon over at our new location: or over at our Homeschool Den Facebook Page. ~Liesl

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