Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rain Forest Plants Activity

Today I gathered up the various foods and spices that
go along with the rain forest plant cards. The kids were
intrigued and excited ("we get to TRY everything, right?!!")

To introduce the rain forests, we first did our world pin map
(bottom right) and sang our continent song. (At one point, someone from overseas asked if we could tell them how the melody goes. I videoed the kids singing the song and shared that at that post. We're certainly not professional --with video or singers, but if you wonder how we used the map/song in the preschool years, that post will show you what we did.)

Then we pulled out the biome pin map, placed the
deciduous and coniferous forests (that we studied last
week) and then looked at the rain forest regions of the
world and put that pin on the map as well.

We then took the continent cards (above - We have similar ones free at this world map post. The ones above are no longer available.) and took turns
placing the continents in the correct place out on the floor.
We put the lists of native plants on the proper region --
ie. the Americas, Australasia, etc.

NOTE: The rainforest plant cards have moved to our new blog. They are free.  You will find them at this link:

Rainforest Plant Cards:

Each person got several of the rain forest plant cards and
we took turns putting them in the correct regions of the
world along with the spice, food (or shoe!) They really
enjoyed smelling (and tasting) everything (especially the
chocolate which isn't in the photos above)! I think this
activity was a success. Now they're watching the Magic
School Bus -- Rainforest episode giving me a chance to
post and get lunch on the table. Whew!

I hope you and your kids have fun with these cards!
It's amazing how much we rely on the rain forest regions
of the world.

By the way, the cards refer to where the plants originated, but
of course these days plants are grown in multiple regions of the

 We have a new Rainforest Unit coming out soon (April 2017).
For more details stay tuned over at

Some of the topics we covered in this unit included
  • basic facts about the Amazon Rainforest
  • biodiversity and deforestation
  • layers of the rainforest
  • animals of the rainforest
  • rainforest animals - research pages; fun fact pages
  • where these animals live (which layers)
  • rainforest insects
  • rainforest plants
  • In addition, there are blank research pages
Hope to have it ready to share at the end of April. (It's ready, but I need time to polish up the post!)

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