Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rain Forest Plant Cards

So, here are the cards I made. I spent a long time last
night trying to see if I could link a nice picture from Scribd,
but had to give up. Here are some photos, though clicking
on the links below or on the sidebar will give you the nice
version to download. I laminated my cards, sorry for the flash spots!









Rain Forest Plant Cards: 

These cards are located at our new location
These Rain Forest Plant Montessori 3-Part Cards are free to download!

PS. We have a new 50+ page Rainforest Packet that might be of interest (more details below)

We have a new 50+ page Rainforest Unit  

More details over at our new location or you can purchase it with the link below:

Our Amazon Rainforest Unit is 50+ pages.  It is $4.00

As you have probably gathered, our rainforest packet does not include rainforest animals from other parts of the world. It focuses exclusively on the Amazon Rainforest.

Once you pay for this packet, you will immediately receive a link to download this file (which will open in a browser window).  You will also receive an email from Sendowl (the service I use) to your PayPal email address, which will have a link you can click on to download the Cell unit.  (It will say, “You can download your digital products…” with a clickable link.)  Of course, if you have any issues just email me at — liesl at homeschoolden dot com.  You can also reach me by using the contact form on the blog. ~Liesl


Don’t forget to check your PayPal email address for the download link.

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