Sunday, February 21, 2010

Princess -- Sight Word Games

This week I have some new games ready for DD. DD is reading simple words, but doesn't quite have the patience to read Bob Books (or the equivalent); yet, she is beyond simple letter-sound activities. I've been trying to find simple word games to play with her.

I found some lovely cards at Kelly's Kindergarten that appeal to DD. I printed out the "Cinderella's Ball" cards and "Sight Word Memory" princess-easy cards. Both sets of cards use the same 18 sight-words (9 words per sheet). I cut out all of the cards except two of the princess sheets. I left those two sheets intact so DD can do a simple matching activity or (as we're playing in the first picture below) a game of tic-tac-toe. (For tic-tac-toe we played that you couldn't put a card on top of the other player's card. That's why you see the Cinderella "are" card to the side of the board because DD already had placed her princess "are" card on the board.)

To go along with the cards, I made up two castle game boards. On his/her turn the player turns over a card and moves to the next available word-circle on the game board. To get into the castle and win the game you have to have one of the three words (in the pink box below the castle.) If the player is near the castle, but turns over a card with a word that is not in front of her/him, s/he has to go backwards to the next available word-circle.

I made two different game boards (one for each of the nine sets of words at Kelly's Kindergarten). I'll upload this game board at some point: You'll find those here: Princess Game Boards

By the way, I'm only showing a few of the cards that go along with the game board, but I used three sets of cards (the 2 Cinderella and one Princess cards of those nine words) and put them in a big stack for this game.

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  1. Are the Princess Sight Word game boards available on your blog? I am interested in using them. My daughter is in Princess mode right now! LOL!
    Thank you,

  2. I found the princess game board downloads on your blog, but I am having trouble getting them. Is there any way you can e-mail them to me?
    Thank you,