Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Just Life (cont.) - 2

Last week we enjoyed an outing to the reptile centre
where the kids got to hold a bearded dragon, blue tongued
lizard (first and second photos) and a python.

We enjoyed checking everything out!

Below (3rd) Green Tree Frog
4) Bearded dragon

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  1. Hello there:
    These are awesome pictures! My 8 yo would actually faint from doing this. Sometimes he even screams just by looking at pictures. I wonder how could I help him with this phobia he has... I'm not crazy about reptiles either so probably he learned it from me, I guess. I feel so bad for this. Any recommendations? If so, please email me.

  2. Hi Evelyn,

    Your post made me chuckle! Maybe it'd be better if our kids had a healthier sense of caution. Last year my son picked up an earth worm. I looked at it (but not closely enough) and said simply, "oh how nice dear" or something like that. A little while later my son said, "Look! It has eyes." My ears pricked up. "Eyes?!" Gasp! I was in a panic; it was the same coloring as the WESTERN BROWN (ie DEADLY!!) snake. We dropped everything, hopped in the car, drove at top speeds (!) to the reptile centre and I thrust the "worm" at the owner. "What is this?!!" It turned out to be a blind snake (small, harmless), but let me tell you I definitely let loose some big crocodile tears in relief! Where I grew up we only had harmless garter snakes so I suppose I don't have that innate sense of caution, but I felt like a bad Mom... errr or worse! My kids have gotten the "don't touch" really regularly now!

    Not sure if this the best reply to your posting, though!!!