Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Forest Biome: The Mitten -- Activities

Today in our study of the forest animal habitat we read
The Mitten. We read Jan Brett's book first.

Using the beautiful mitten masks by Jan Brett the kids
reenacted the story by putting the animal into the mitten
(the kids are holding up the masks in the picture above).
The mitten is just a file folder, drawn in the shape of a

Update: We have some new animal printables about the animals featured in this story! They are FREE!   (Coming out out Dec. 14, 2016 over at homeschoolden.com)

The Mitten Printable Animal Activities

I also printed out the animal worksheets about these
forest animals from http://kidssoup.com/. That is a
membership website, but it's one of my favorite resources
because I love the quality of their materials. In a couple
of days I'll share the animal tracks activity I also got from

Anyway, after we reenacted the mitten story a couple of
times (we also had the version available at enchanted learning),
we did a quick hedgehog craft.

Hedgehog Craft:

cut strips of brown/black paper into triangles
glue onto the body
add eyes, a nose and ears

By the way, our activities all took place outside today because
the kids built a very elaborate cubby house!!

The hedgehog craft idea was from http://kidssoup.com/

Animal Unit: You might be interested in our animal unit which covers the 5 vertebrate groups and their characteristics, the main invertebrate groups, insects vs. spiders, animal tracks and more! :
Types of Animals Worksheets

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