Monday, February 1, 2010

Biomes Picture Pack

The biomes picture pack came with 30 cards, flow charts and more. We covered deciduous and coniferous forests, the tropical rainforest and more.  We did lots of fun activities as we focused on each of the biomes.
(Update, the biomes cards pictured above are no longer available, see more about our biomes cards below.).

In 2016, when we studied the biomes again in more depth. Since I no longer had the material above, I made our own new packet of materials.  We covered the
  • Arctic
  • Alpine Tundra
  • Boreal Forest or Taiga
  • Deciduous Forests
  • Deserts
  • Grasslands
  • Tropical Savannas
  • Chaparral
  • Tropical Rain Forest
Our cards can be printed on 8x11 paper (or you can make smaller cards by printing 4-per-page) (Click on the picture below to find out more): 

And, we went over the major factors that make up each biome (abiotic factors such as soil, climate, weather) as well as some of the major plants and animals in each biome.
We also studied ecosystems, habitats, the food web, feeding relationships...

 and we spent quite a bit of time about biological interactions... organisms that work with one another (think bee and flower), organisms where one benefits and the other is harmed, organisms where one benefits and the other is not harmed or benefited... Learning terms such as mutualism, amensalism, commensalism, etc.)

You can find out more about our 70 page  Biology Packet here (at our new location

We also have a related Animal Pack (where we covered animal classification, spiders vs. insects, domesticated vs. wild animals, animal tracks and more.) You can check out the
That's about it! ~Liesl

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