Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tsunami Activity

Our next activity was to recreate a tsunami. In a flat pan,
the kids built up a sandy beach (sand, corn flour) and built
little houses.

Then they added water and created an earthquake. It
didn't work when the kids hit the table with the bat, but
when the table was given a good shake the tsunami hit
fill force.


Every few years, we circle around to cover basic material again. We have a new Natural Disaster's Packet that you might be interested in. It has notebook pages and lapbook pieces.

Our Natural Disasters Packet  has notebook pages and worksheets as well as some hands-on activity ideas covering the following events:
  • Flooding
  • Mudslides
  • Tsunami
  • Tornado
  • Hurricane, cyclone, typhoon
  • Blizzard
  • Heat Wave
  • Drought
  • Wildfire
  • Sinkholes
(This is currently free over at our new location, homeschoolden.com.)


Our Earth Science Unit also touches on Tsunamis in the Volcanic Hazards section:


Ocean Unit -- Marine Habitats, Tides, Ocean Wave Phases, the Ocean Zones, water form words (bay, strait, fjord, etc.), Features of the Ocean Floor, Deep Ocean Creatures, Bioluminescence

You may be interested in the Earth Science Unit we did more recently -- and be sure to check out our Earth Science Unit Study Packet! It includes worksheets about the solar system, the layers of the Earth, plate tectonics, the ring of fire, earthquake activity and volcanoes. I also included more than a dozen hands-on activities we did with this unit including activities about plate tectonics, using a compass, earthquakes, volcanoes, instructions on how to make a shake table and more!

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You might also be interested in this FREE Resource Guide:


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