Saturday, September 5, 2009

Our Very First Post

We have just set up a new website that will be dedicated to our homeschooling activities. Hope you enjoy our new blog!

UPDATE: Our new location is now Our blog was here for a number of years. Then we blogged under the umbrella for several years. Finally, in 2015 we moved to our final location We promise, we won't move again!!! ~Liesl

If you have elementary and middle school aged kids and are interested in hands-on activities, I suggest you check out these two pages:

Science Units - Here you'll find links to dozens of posts from the units we've covered: Earth Science, Simple Machines, Rocks and Minerals, our Cell Unit, the Digestive System, Skeletal System, Chemistry (and lots of science experiments), Biomes & Animal Habitats, our Ocean Unit, Weather and Water, our Plants Unit, Astronomy, and Dinosaurs.

History Units -- Again, you'll find links to dozens of our hands-on activities and many of our free printables. We've covered world geography, Ancient India, Ancient China, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, World Religions, Native Americans, the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation and tons more!! 

If you have preschoolers, you may be interested in these posts:
If you have preschoolers you may be interested in these posts:
Animal Classification Worksheets and More

  • If your child knows their letter sounds, they may be ready to learn to read. Visit this post, Teach Your Child to Read,  for fun ideas that help your child learn to read!
Teaching Kids to Read: Books and Resources We Used:

We've also started making a new video series about homeschooling. You might want to check these out.
Homeschool Den Minute: Video Episode 1
Resources for this video are found here: Homeschool Den Minute 1: Homeschool Science in Early Elementary
Free Early Elementary Science PDF

Wondering what to cover throughout elementary and middle school? You might want to check out our Homeschool Science Checklist for the Elementary and Middle School Years:

Some of our other videos:
If you are new to homeschooling, you might find some useful resources at this post: How to Start Homeschooling


See you again soon at or Homeschool Den Facebook page. Don’t forget to Subscribe to our Homeschool Den Newsletter! ~Liesl

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