Music Class for Five Year Olds (My Lesson Plan Outline)

Music for Five Year Olds – Class 1
1)  Play the 1 and 20 Game:  Each person in the class has a partner (a parent or another child) and holds hands.  One person starts in the middle. When we start singing the song, the person in the middle takes someone’s hand.  That person lets go of his partner’s hand and so the free person must go find a new partner.  This goes on until we reach 100! 
The song goes like this:

1 and 20, 2 and 20, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 20, 27, 28, 29, 30.
1 and 30, 2 and 30, 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 30, 37, 38, 39, 40.
etc. to 100... speeding up as we get to the 80s and 90s
Sorry -- I'm not sure how to share the melody to this song.

2) Sing Hello – and sing hello to each individual child.
Welcome! These next few weeks we’ll learn some songs, play some games, learn about some music from around the world and even learn to play a new instrument! How does that sound to everyone? 

3) Guitar songs – Each week we will sing a few songs together.  We’ll start with a few and then I’ll ask if there’s a song someone else would like to sing.
        You are My Sunshine  Spiderman    Kookaburra

4) Does anyone know where the Kookaburra lives? (It lives in Australia.) Well, over the next few weeks, we’ll be learning about songs and music from different places in the world.  We thought we’d start with Australia because we just moved here from there.
Each week, we’d like you to bring something in to share with everyone from somewhere around the world. Today I brought some things from Australia to show you –
Animals, Boomerang, Didgeridoo

5) Listening – didgeridoo music, we'll use the music of Andrew Langford. He does a WONDERFUL didgeridoo show in Alice Springs, Australia.  We happen to know him because LD played soccer with his son and I played soccer with Andrew.  His website (click here) allows you to listen to some of his music.
6) Hand out rhythm sticks and play along with the music

7) We’re going to be listening to music from all around the world.  Do you know the continents around the world? Let’s learn the continent song together today – (Montessori World Pin Map) To the tune of Frere Jacque or Are You Sleeping?
Europe, Asia, Africa
North America
South America
Then there is Antarctica
Don’t forget Australia
7 Continents, 7 Continents.
8) We are also going to learn to play an instrument in the next few weeks.  Does anyone know what a glockenspiel is?  Show it, try it…

9) Today we’re going to learn our first song. Are you ready?  It’s called
Bee Bee
      Bee bee bumble bee
      Can you sing your name to me?

10) Bumble Bee Game – Someone leaves the circle.  I pass a picture of a bumble bee to someone.  We call the person back, sing the song and the person tries to guess who had the bumble bee.

11) Normally we dance to a song, but we don’t have time today and will have to leave that til next week!   Good bye song –

At Home Possibilities

*Make a dot-painting or decorate rhythm sticks with dot designs and bring them in next week to share with us.

*Play the bumble bee game with your family.
Bee bee bumble bee
Can you share your name to me?

*Make a continent pin map with your family (FreeWorld Pin Map Printable)

And sing the continent song—(to Frere Jacques -- Are You Sleeping?)
Europe, Asia, Africa
North America        South America
Then there is Antarctica
Don’t forget Australia
7 Continent, 7 Continents
**Bring in something to show and share with the group next week.  Be sure to know which continent it is from!

UPDATE, Fall 2015:
My youngest is now 7 and this semester the kids will be learning/reviewing notes, rhythm, music notation and more.  Using a lot of free resources, I have put our Music Curriculum plans together into a 8-week plan (it might take us longer) that is a free download over at my new location.  The packet is 15 pages or so AND it has hyperlinks to many *amazing* free music resources (including the ones I showed below and dozens more!).  Again, you will find that new post over at my new location,  Free Beginner's Music Curriculum: Learning Notes, Rhythm, Music Notation and more   See you there! ~Liesl

 You'll find links to lots of the different games and activities we'll be using:
Free Beginner's Music Curriculum: Learning Notes, Rhythm, Music Notation and more