Thursday, December 29, 2011

Astronomy Unit: The Moon (Day 2)

On this day we read about the Moon and did the lapbook components to add to our science notebook. What's perfect about these lapbooks for us right now is the writing is not overwhelming and  reinforces the main points we've gone over.  We used the Moon -- Speedy Lapbook by Homeschool Bits (which was on sale for 25cents).

Moon Craters: Our activity that day was to talk about why the surface of the moon has so many craters.

We made a play dough like surface and covered it with aluminum foil. Then we got some marbles and fired our "meteors" at the "surface of the moon."

We looked at some actual photos of the craters on the moon and read a bit more about it too.  The kids liked this activity!


  1. This looks great - another cool meteor activity is to put a layer of flour in a tray then a layer of cocoa powder then drop marbles in and the 'splat' effect of the cocoa and flour will look like meteor craters!

  2. Can I just add a 'yay' as I've been trying to post comments on all your brilliant activities for soooo long (like 12 months) and this is is the first time i have been able to do it!! yay! Happy New Year! Jenni