Monday, November 7, 2011

Build-A-Sentence Creative Writing Pack

Over the weekend, I made a set of build-a-sentence sheets for my first-grader.
Here are my plans for them:

  • The first couple of pages are filled with ideas.  She'll go through and create sentences (silly or not) to write in her journal.  
  • Next we'll work together to brainstorm ideas for some of the other themed sheets. I made about twenty different themed sheets with topics such as friendship, aliens, pioneers, Thanksgiving, the circus, winter, natural disasters, my birthday, my family, sports, out in nature, and so forth.  Again she'll go on to write sentences (silly or not) in her writing journal.
  • Finally, I hope she'll be able to brainstorm on her own on a few of these sheets and use them to write her own sentences.
  • I plan to encourage her to add adjectives and descriptive words to the nouns/subject words.
  • I doubt we'll use all of these sheets (who knows?!) but I wanted a lot of choice to pique her interest.

Once again here is the link to our build-a-sentence pack if you're interested.

On Wednesday I'll be sharing the free-writing prompt pack that goes along with this.

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