Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Math Games (DD, First Grade)

Sometimes DD and I just play games and don't work in her textbooks.  I thought I'd share what she's doing for the next few days or so for addition. She's working on sums of 11 and 12.

I printed out gameboards and partner worksheets from The School Bell, Kathy Gursky's website.

Before we started playing the game, though we went over the T-bar sums (0+11, 1+10, 2+9, etc.) We used the girls' Littlest Pet Shop collection to help her see the sums as she worked them out.

Then we went over some simple flashcards (4 on one side, 7 on the other and so forth).

We again went over the partners as we made cards for the gameboard.

For the game, we put all the cards into a bucket. On DD's turn she pulled out a card. She placed her marker on the number partner. So, in this case, DD pulled out an 8, so she put her marker on the next 3-spot.


  1. Great games. Bear is working on the combos that make ten and she likes to play memory in which she tries to match two cards whose sum is ten (ex 4 and 6).

  2. It's hard to find good paper-based games - thanks for sharing! Do you use The School Bell activities often? Thanks!