Monday, August 29, 2011

Ocean Animals -- the real deal

Even though it was quite a drive for us, I decided a trip to the aquarium was in order with all our studies of ocean animals. We went last week. We sure had a terrific day!
We all LOVED the jellyfish displays!
We were so lucky to see the octopus moving all around! 

Everyone loved the sharks and we were lucky to see the sharks, sting rays and sea turtle being fed.
We even squeezed in the dolphin show.


  1. My son hints nearly every week that he would like to go to the aquarium. It's expensive so we don't go that often. We love the jellyfish too. I think it's my favorite part. We don't have dolphins, but that would be the best!

  2. Nothing like the real deal is there. I always love the jellyfish, although remind me of that not so nice scene in Finding Nemo!