Monday, August 22, 2011

Ocean Animals Math Game for Preschoolers

I made a preschool math game for ED.  ED worked hard to cut out all the pictures.  In the picture to the left, she rolled a 10 and I rolled a 1.  We each chose that many ocean animals to put on our gameboard. Then ED spun the spinner and it came out "even." I showed her how to make partners and that she had all partners, so she had an even number and won the round.

It's a short, quick counting game and we played over and over again!  Below are a few more photos and a link to the game if you want to download it for yourself.

Math Grid Game: By the way, you can also use the ocean animal sheet to play a simple math grid game. Keep the animal sheet intact and print out one sheet for each player. Have each player take turns rolling the die and covering up that number of animals. The first person to cover all the animals wins that game.
Download the Ocean Animals Preschool Game Here.

You can also use these cards with your kids to sort into vertebrate and invertebrate groups.
To Play:
 Player 1 rolls the die.  He/she takes that number of ocean animals and places it on his/her game board.
Player 2 rolls the die and takes that number of ocean animals to place on his/her game board.
One player spins the spinner to determine the winner -- the one who has less, more, odd or even. You may have two winners!

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