Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ocean Activities: School of Fish

Why do fish swim in schools?

We cut up little pieces of tin foil and paper to be our fish. First we dropped in one and stirred the water.  It was easy to spot. Then we dropped in a whole lot of fish, stirred it, and tried to follow just one with our eyes. It was much harder to follow one in the midst of many others.  We talked about how there was safety in numbers.

This idea was adapted from Awesome Ocean Science by Cindy Littlefield. She suggests using glitter.

We went on to do a lot with this ocean unit.  Be sure to check out this post at our new location, homeschoolden.com:

Ocean Unit Activities for Kids

Some of our activities included:

 Ocean Animal Preschool Game

UPDATE, 2016: We are doing a unit on the Ocean again. You might be interested in these posts (I'll try to add to the list as we go!) :) ~Liesl



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