Sunday, August 14, 2011

Good Sales at Currclick

I noticed there are some good sales at currclick -- I saw lots of items at least 50% off.

For example, many of the products by Simple Bits have been marked down.  I got some great mini-units on the human hand, the eye and more for just 25cents each!  Her wonderful human body copy work (with diagrams on the major organs, bones, systems, 5 senses and more) are also marked down to 25cents (or 75cents for all three volumes).

Also the unit studies by Simple Schooling are on sale as well. 

I'm sure there are many other great bargains there at currclick as well.  The sale goes through August 25th.

---------- SCIENCE -----------
On another note, I found a good website for those of you working on biology of some sort or another.

Ask a Biologist has coloring activities and worksheets on a number of different subjects:
  •    parts of an ant, shark, animal and plant cell, eye
  •    worksheets on the human brain, heart, neuron,ecosystem (and more)
  •    and a really informative set of sheets about vitamins -- what each vitamin does, what foods it is found in and deficiency problems

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