Tuesday, August 23, 2011


The east coast just had an earthquake.  The news says it was 5.8 on the richtor scale -- and what that meant for us was lots and lots of shaking and rattling. A few things fell of our shelves in the pantry, but we don't see any other damage at this point. We read that the Capitol, Pentagon and White House are being evacuated.  It sure scared us!


  1. Oh my goodness- I just saw it on the news! Crazy isn't it? Oooh, but what a perfect opportunity to learn about earthquakes first hand!

  2. We actually didn't feel it. But about 8 months ago we had one(2.7)about 10 miles from the center and my children didn't sleep in their rooms for 7 weeks. I was having to consider taking them to get help and thankfully we was able to let God take care of it. I was scared all that next few days but it didn't take me long to forget. However for a child I think it takes the "safe" away. Sending love and prayers for you guys. I don't know how we didn't feel it, well I think because we was outside in the garden and people in town felt it however we didn't(we are in nc)...

  3. oh dear thank goodness you are all safe :-)