Wednesday, June 8, 2011

This and That--Garden Science

Plants, plants, plants!! That's still the main focus of our homeschooling life. The kids are enthralled by the growing process this year. The kids tenderly attend to their plots in the garden. We watch each strawberry ripen eagerly. They rush to inspect the blueberries and peas forming! They help bring in the lettuce for our supper each evening.

And, they/we are loving the Junior Master Gardener handbook -- and are enjoying the activities and experiments immensely. Here are a few activities from last week:

 Bean Maze: This is a bean plant placed in a box (before we sealed it up to be dark).  We're hoping the bean plant will make it's way through the various cut-out windows to find the light at the end of the maze.
In this experiment, LD had to cover a part of the plant for two weeks to see what will happen when part of the leaf does not receive direct light.

This activity shows that some plants do not grow directly from seeds, but will form roots from the stems themselves.  LD is using mint and catnip for this activity.

How are plants affected when the seeds are planted upside-down or sideways?? LD hopes to find out in this experiment!

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  1. These are great experiments! I think I will be trying this with my son soon. After reading the first paragraph I thought you were talking about me, lol. I have been so excited about my garden this year :)