Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Reading (DD, 5 yr old)

Here's the reading update on DD, age 5 1/2.

The past couple of months, DD has been doing lots of independent reading. We came to the end of her phonics program (we used Bob Books and then the Primary Phonics storybooks, sets 1-6) and it was time to set her free with the books we have on hand. I did this with LD as well and I can't recommend independent reading time enough; it has been so beneficial to my kids! I just remind the kids that it is independent reading time ask them to go pick out a book or two.  DD was into the Henry and Mudge books, so I got out 15 or 20 from the library, but she also read whatever Step Into Reading or Hello Readers tickled her fancy as well. (I bought LOTS of these off ebay back a couple years ago.  Best reading investment I've made as I hand the kids an inch or so of readers whenever we run errands or head to events in the car. Luckily my kids don't get car sick reading in the car!)

Anyway, in the past two months, DD did a lot of independent reading (I'd say 40-60 minutes/day), so I cut back on the amount of reading I was having her do (aloud) with me (perhaps 20 minutes twice a week).

DD has come so far in the past six or seven weeks. She's reading words I had no idea she could tackle.  She just started reading small chapter books -- Daisy Meadow's fairy books.  (We got an amazing deal on ebay when we were in Australia. I bought the first 35 books or so for about $25!)  DD takes a turn reading two pages, then I read two pages. I suspect she'll be ready to read these on her own in the next few weeks.


  1. I have just put a few of those on watch on e-bay.... thanks for the information, I hadn't come across them and they sound lovely..... I think that yours nad my daughters sound like very similar girls and i get a lot of inspiration from what you do with her..... shame we live so far apart! Best Wishes, Jen x

  2. Your DD sounds like mine! She loves princess fairy books. Good idea to schedule independent reading time. We just have books around and K reads whenever she feels like it but it would be nice to have consistent reading time. I've been reading less now that she's reading more on her own too. I need to remind myself to read aloud to her since she still enjoys it! Thanks for visiting. I'm glad I found your blog!

  3. I spotlighted your blog. You are doing an amazing job with your kids. Thanks for sharing!


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