Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick 3-yr old activities for ED

Here are a few things in ED's workboxes as we get back into the swing of things.
Using tweezers to sort colored pom-poms (I have a sticker with the appropriate color for each section.)
Placing erasers on the end of a pencil.  Since ED is past dropping things through a hole, this is a good skill for her -- both lining up the hole in the eraser and having to push/manipulate it quite hard to get it onto the end.  This is good for fine motor skills.

Cutting strips
Numbers and stickers
All of my kids have enjoyed using a skewer to punch holes around this age.  I put dot-patterns on colored construction paper -- make a minimum of twenty and let them go at it!!
These pattern block sheets are (free) from Prekinders.  I printed out both the colored and B&W versions and laminated them together front-to-back.  ED still chooses the colored side a lot, but DD likes doing them now and then and does the B&W side or makes her own elaborate patterns.


  1. Thanks for the ideas here.... especially the paper punching and the prekinders pattern block sheets.... my littlest hasn't clicked yet that the blocks go together in a certain way so I'm going to print those and see how she likes them... I'm so enjoying your blog at the minute... you seem to have the kind of hands-on home school approach that I aspire to but haven't quite yet achieved, but to manage it with the short term planning month by month that I use so it seems within my grasp if you get the idea!! Thanks, Jen x

  2. Hi. I'm in a Yahoo group with you. Can you tell me where you found or purchased these wooden shapes? I'd like to get some for my daughter and don't know if anyplace near me might have them. Thanks.